• The cooperative

    La Ciutat Invisible is a cooperative and self-managed project that aims to build alternative employment with precarious work imposed by the capitalist economic system. Our activity is aimed at creating and disseminating critical content in order to encourage political and social transformation.

    We mainly act in two directions:
    1. Building and empowering networks of cooperation within the boundaries of the solidarity economy.
    2. Promoting self-organized and autonomous political practices that help bringing politics back to local communities.

    These guidelines have been casting and strengthening the critical content of our bookshop, they have contributed to the production and development of a new imaginary through the medium of graphic communication; and they have taken shape in social projects that combine social research, development of communication strategies and community intervention.

  • The bookshop

    La Ciutat Invisible is a local-based bookshop found in the borough of Sants, in Barcelona, where we combine the desire to recover the old trade of book-selling with offering our specialized personal advice that is tailored to each reader; seen from the perspectives of an alternative approach towards building and empowering local communities.

    In our bookshop you can find a wide range of subjects: social narrative, literature and poetry, critical theory studies, gender studies, political essays, working memory, neo-imperialism, anti-globalization, ecology, Latin America, Arab world, land and liberty (Catalan countries, Basque Country, Ireland ...), social movements, philosophy, popular pedagogy, social economy, prisons, sexuality (gay, lesbian, transgender, queer theory), cities, health, communication, parenting, comics and illustration, photography, art, animal rights, biodynamic gardening ... We also have a children's corner with a rising number of titles and a proper and thoughtful selection for all ages and stages of growth.

    You can check our stock and its availability, as well as making reservations at our online bookstore. (Spanish or Catalan)


    The cooperative has also a line of prints for T-shirts and sweatshirts for adults and children that renew periodically. Also we made and produce urban clothing.

    We create clothes for all ages where we want to spread and replicate a combative message and building a shared imaginary antagonist that makes visible parallel networks and underground live. Always we try to be consistent pooling methodology clothing design as a process of shared decision-making.

    Apart from our team of resident illustrators -Manoli'n and Nat- we have the pleasure to work with John Negrescolor, (co-founding partner), Miguel Brieva, Pilar Molina, la Marietta, Joan Turu, Pep BoatellaJudit Panxeta and Roc Blackblock.

    We also distribute the catalogue of other affine projects, groups and shops, apart from periodically doing festivals, gigs and community fairs ourselves. If you want to know more about our catalogue please contact us (cooperativa@laciutatinvisible.coop)
  • cooperative areas

  • Design and communication

    We undertake a wide range of graphic communication and design projects, as well as integrated communication campaigns, (graphics and contents);  we also take care of our corporate clothing and promotional image. We work with different media, from screen printing, posters, web muralism and communication, adapting the processes of creation and diffusion to each project’s needs.

    We also offer design, layout and all services related to publishing

    Our portfolio

  • Social Research

    Since the beginning, La Ciutat Invisible has always worked with the aim of trying to create conditions that allow us to recover the capacity to produce knowledge from grassroots social movements, freed from the dynamics of the hegemonic culture. Our interests and learning needs are mainly focused on cooperative economics, feminism, social movements, social history and urban studies. (+Info catalan)


  • Training

    The team behind La Ciutat Invisible has background in cooperative economics, social sciences and communication. We view training as an integral process that focuses on shared learning, self-management and political view of knowledge as a base to act on reality from a critical perspective. For this we have:

    · Trainings: workshops, courses and themed activities
    · Reflections: conferences, seminars and workshops

    We also offer a wide range of educational activities tailored to the applicants’ demand.


  • Cooperative advice

    Cooperatives are associative, socially diverse and locally oriented enterprises that, while committed to sustainable forms of production, are also seeking an alternative and economic relationship to with the capitalist business model. People is put at the centre of their economic activity and social needs, through participatory processes and collective ownership. La Ciutat Invisible offers support to subjects interested in cooperative economy and forming groups.


  • Urban tours


    Since 2010 La Ciutat Invisible offers a range of tours through the past and present of our city neighborhoods. An opportunity to learn, share knowledge, anecdotes and experiences .

    · "Memory Cooperative" tours
    · "Huertas Claveria and Barcelona neighborhoods" tour
    · "The city of all" tours

    Bike tours:
    All tours can also be made by bike. In collaboration with the cooperative Biciclot

    We can organize the tours either from a historical as well as contemporary perspective. We adapt teaching, content and format to the needs and level of the group we cater for. We offer tours for students of schools, colleges and universities; as well as organizations, associations, cooperatives, foundations, collectives, public administrations and study, research and travel groups. Tours can be conducted in Spanish, English and Catalan. More info (catalan)

  • If you are interested in hiring any of the tours contact us (cooperativa@laciutatinvisible.coop)

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